Subscription agreement with fixed price commitment for growth strategy partners llc members

1.0 Subscription Agreement.

LN grants Subscriber a non-exclusive, non-transferable limited license to access and use the LexisNexis® online research services (the “Online Services”) and the materials available therein (“Materials”) pursuant to terms set forth in the LexisNexis General Terms and Conditions (“General Terms”) viewable at (the “General Terms”), and the other terms set forth in this Subscription Agreement. The foregoing grant of rights is

2.0 Subscription Term, Pricing and Payment Terms.

2.1 The term of Subscriber’s subscription will be for an initial period of twelve (12) months beginning with the month Subscriber’s account is activated by the issuing of an LN identification number, provided that the first month of the term shall not be subject to proration (the “Initial Period”) and will automatically continue thereafter for one-year renewal periods continuing until either party terminates as permitted by the terms of this Agreement (the “Renewal Period(s)”). Collectively, the Initial Period and the Renewal Period(s) will be the “Term.”

2.2 In exchange for access to the LN Materials set forth in the menu below (the “Fixed Price Materials”), Subscriber will pay a monthly commitment during the Term of $26 per month, per user, which amount will be prepaid in full to LN’s billing agent, Growth Strategy Partners LLC. Subscriber may not terminate the Subscription Agreement during the Term.

Fixed Price Materials
Menu DescriptionMenu NumberNumber of Users
Nexis NewsWSB0031 (One)

2.3 Subscriber is subscribing to the Fixed Price Materials only: Subscriber may not access or use any other Materials available in the Online Services.

2.4 Subscriber is a freelance author and member of the Growth Strategy Partners network.  Subscriber agrees that his or her LN ID is solely for his or her individual use and may not be shared with or used by any other person for any reason.  Subscriber will promptly notify LN to deactivate the LN ID if the LN ID is lost or stolen or if the LN ID becomes compromised in anyway.  A breach of this Section 2.4 is a material breach of this Subscription Agreement and shall give LN the right to immediately terminate this Subscription Agreement in addition to all other remedies available to LN at law or in equity.  LN shall also have the right to suspend access to the Online Services or to otherwise terminate the Agreement as set forth in the General Terms.  In the event of termination of this Agreement for Subscriber’s material breach, LN will have no obligation to refund any prepaid amounts.

2.5. Subscriber will receive and maintain the terms and pricing under this Section 2 in trust and confidence and take reasonable precautions against disclosure to any third party.

By signing below, Subscriber agrees to the Subscription Agreement and agrees that all use of the Online Services and Materials will be in compliance with its terms.  This Subscription Agreement is subject to acceptance by LN, which acceptance shall be evidenced by issuing one or more User identification numbers to access the Online Services.