Annual Subscription

$312.00 / year

$19.95 per month, billed annually, plus 8.875% New York State tax if you live in New York State.



IMPORTANT! Please read this section carefully!

Seriously, you *need* to know all this.


Your subscription is priced at $26 per month, billed annually at $312, plus 8.875% New York State tax if you live in New York State.

Subscriptions¬†renew automatically. You will receive emails notifying you before we bill you again and with instructions on how to change/cancel your subscription. Please add ExpertAccess.Org to your Safe Senders list so that correspondence is received! If you’ve got a REALLY high strung spam filter, please make a note in your calendar the month your subscription will renew so you’re not surprised by the charge.

You can cancel your subscription by logging in at If you cancel, your subscription will remain active throughout the initial term, after which you will not be re-billed and your subscription will no longer be active. Please understand that if you cancel directly after subscribing or the renewal takes place, you will be refunded the full amount less one month’s fee of $26. If you wait longer than one month to cancel we are no longer able to refund any portion of the rate (per our contract with LexisNexis) and your subscription will remain active through the rest of the term, whereupon it will not be renewed.

Once your payment has been processed it can take two to three business days for LexisNexis to contact you with your ID and password. If you do not receive this email, please contact Michael Momper at and cc Amy McCloskey at You might also want to check spam as there are links that will sometimes set off spam filters.

You will get a few welcome emails when you sign up. PLEASE READ THEM! They contain important information about your account that you’ll need to know. This isn’t Google! It’s a highly customizable and searchable GIGANTIC database that you’re spending a lot of money to access, and you’ll likely need help learning to use it. We provide a one hour, totally free tutorial, plus free refreshers, as we know how important it is to learn how to get the most from the database. We can not stress it enough. TAKE US UP ON THE TUTORIAL!

Please note: Your Nexis ID and password are different from those you use to sign in to this website.  This website only handles your subscription and payment information.

FOR THE BELOW: Street address only. LexisNexis does not accept PO Boxes. Please make sure the Subscriber name matches the Legal name (it does not have to match the name on the credit card if another party is paying). You will get no snail mail.