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ExpertAccess – LexisNexis access for Freelancers

Finally! LexisNexis for freelancers at an affordable rate If you need LexisNexis, you are not alone. It’s a vital resource for journalists, but most can’t afford it. Paying $80 a month or more is just not possible for many budgets. So I decided to try something. I asked LexisNexis: Would you be willing to open […]

Nexis vs Google

Nexis vs Open Web: You get what you pay for

• Business professionals have come to rely on search engines and free “news alerts” services to monitor news coverage about their company, industry, and competitors • The truth is that search engines do not index all of the news content on the Web, and therefore are not capturing everything in their alerts • This lack […]

The Power of Nexis: Nexis Video

Nexis Video – the trusted news and business source for Big Media and Fortune 500. Our premium collection of news sources has been expertly curated to ensure you get real, relevant news all in one place – no more hunting and picking across the Web, leaping over paywalls, and vetting dubious sources. *Please note: Public […]