Finally! LexisNexis for freelancers at an affordable rate

If you need LexisNexis, you are not alone. It’s a vital resource for journalists, but most can’t afford it. Paying $80 a month or more is just not possible for many budgets.

So I decided to try something. I asked LexisNexis: Would you be willing to open your vast news archives to independent writers at a deeply discounted rate?

I am the editor of a foundation for investigative reporting, and I told them my contributors couldn’t get the information they needed without LexisNexis, an indispensable service for reporters and authors everywhere. They were receptive.

What resulted was a partnership — and a remarkable opportunity.

LexisNexis agreed to lower their price to $19.95 for freelancers only. I agreed to help by showing freelancers how to conduct searches and make the most of this great tool.

But here’s the issue. It’s a trial, a limited-time offer to see if the freelance community will respond and take advantage of the opportunity.

If not, the deal goes away.

So if you or anyone you know needs access to LexisNexis, now is the time to act. I’m here to help. I can teach you how to use it, to find all you need for story pitches and assignments. It’s not hard to learn. And it can make a huge difference to your bottom line. It’s the industry standard for a reason: It works. Nothing else comes close.

If you have any questions or concerns, write back to me.

If you want to see the kind of work I do, check out our foundation’s link below.

Sign up for LexisNexis access ASAP by going to our signup page . If it’s not for you, alert your friends and colleagues.


Brad Hamilton
Editor in Chief
The Contently Foundation